Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions

Providing flexibility for employees to have more control over their Super while remaining part of their employer plan.



Corporate Super

With the significant growth in Self Managed Super Funds over the last decade it is easy to see that more and more employees want to take control of their Super. This is why we utilise AMG Super for their Flexible Solution.

AMG Corporate Super provides a low cost ‘MySuper’ compliant solution for employers combined with the flexibility that allows employees to take control over how their super is invested.

AGM Corporate Super Plan


AMG Super not only provides the flexibility for employees to have more control whilst remaining part of their employer plan but Super Equity advisers also:

  • Provide employees with a complimentary Super Health Check
  • Educate and advise employees on which investments are right for them
  • Help employees roll all of their Super Funds into one place

Discover how this AAA Independently rated Super Fund in conjunction with a Super Equity adviser can help your employees grow their Super Wealth faster.