"We moved here from Sydney not long ago. We were having issues with our Self-Managed Super Fund and the lady that had set it up for us in Sydney fell off the face of the earth! We got in touch with a Financial Planner to see what options we had to get out of this SMSF situation and she recommended we speak with Tracy at Super Equity.

We gave Tracy a call and organised a meeting with my husband and I. She came to us (which was great) and we told her what was going on with our super, and from there she gave us options.

We wanted to get out of our SMSF and really look at more personal investment options (I was interested in investing in Shares). Tracy gave us the confidence to go in that direction.Because of Tracy, the process was seamless. She is such a helpful person and with her guidance and support we calmly and efficiently were able to close our SMSF. Something I thought would be difficult.

To sum up Tracy’s service in one word (if it’s possible) … AMAZING.  She is such a helpful person. I've become more confident in investing in the share market because of her.  She takes the time to listen and explain everything that is happening in the world of finance.I would recommend her to friends, family and others without hesitation. Tracy is very passionate about her work which really comes across when speaking to her. She has and continues to be very helpful … and such a delightful person to be liaising with each time. Both my husband and I are very grateful, happy and thankful for everything she has done and continues to do for us.

A very big THANK YOU from both of us. 

Lena - July 7th, 2016

"I had rolled all of my Super into one "bank Super fund" - to be honest, it seemed a good way to go to get the eight funds rolled into one ... at the time ...

But I soon learned that I wouldn't know WHERE they were going to actually INVEST my Super, nor was I really that sure of it all! They had been quite pushy with me to just get the account open.

Turns out, they didn't even get it all! I found this out when I spoke to Tracy and she talked me through 'what she does'. I was so impressed that I asked her to conduct a search for me, and she found two more missing Super accounts! We then got into discussions about investing my Super, you know, really knowing where it would go. I was really interested in what Tracy had to say. Her knowledge of the markets was very evident from the get-go and that excited me - what fun I could have with this Super stuff.

But it's more than that. She conducted a "risk profile" to see what kind of investor I was. That way she knew what kind of risk vs return I was willing to take on. The hands-on approach made me feel instantly connected to my Super again - it wasn't just a "sum of random money floating out in the ether that I'd never really see".

All I can say is, that if you want to roll all your Super into one and you want to know WHAT kind of investor you are, WHERE your money will go, WHY it will go there, and HOW you should expect it to trend, then talk to Tracy. I'd previously been thinking of looking into SMSF's but now I don't need to bother with that (and all those fees), because she's organising everything and keeping me well in the loop all the way. I even get daily market reports so my knowledge of the markets and investing is really growing. I can't recommend Super Equity enough! I should have done this so long ago. 

Thank you so much Tracy!"

Jo, Brunswick Heads - August 2nd, 2016

"Tracy and I have had an ongoing good, solid trading relationship for a long time, which began prior to our Super Equity dealings. When I found out she was transferring to Super Equity I followed her to ensure that our existing business, of both personal and superannuation investing, continued to flourish under her care.

When Tracy isn’t available, I’ve have had the support of other staff members who have kept me well informed of the progress of our various investments. They have always followed up with me regularly to see if I had any questions or queries. Both Tracy and Super Equity’s services have been top notch.

Tracy’s attention to detail is exceptional and she is always educating me. This has definitely solidified our trading relationship. It is very easy to do business with her. I am never left with any question marks, as she explains things simply and thoroughly. Her customer service is exemplary.  This is one of the reasons I am still trading with Tracy and will continue to do so. I know my superannuation and personal investing is in good hands and have only seen solid results.

Anne  - February 5, 2016

"When I first heard Tracy speak at a Women's Networking event in 2014 she triggered a light bulb moment for me! Superannuation, we just don't take an active approach, most of us really don't get it or really know how it works and what happens in the process. My light bulb moment was when Tracy said, 'Do you know how much superannuation you have and do you think it is enough to help you at retirement age?' I thought, I have no idea and I need to take responsibility for my own future. 

Tracy explains things in easy, simple and straightforward terms. I needed to look at what my current superannuation account was doing and I had 13 years to make it grow!! I asked many, many, questions. I am so happy and thankful that I now have Tracy to personally advise me through my new superannuation account, she maintains my account, chooses the best shares for my portfolio, she looks for growth for me in both National and International markets. My superannuation is now in better hands, has more growth, I am now educated and feel that I do have more control in my future. Tracy is a consummate professional in her dealings and I have no hesitation in recommending Tracy's services to anyone. I advise anyone to take control of your superannuation and speak to Tracy today about your individual circumstances."

Karen - August 19, 2015

"I attended one of the Super Equity’s free information sessions in Lennox Head that had an inviting and relaxed atmosphere – this was a great setting to discuss the latest information on Superannuation.

 The presentation was informative and well thought out, the presenter spoke plainly, simply and with no jargon – so you didn’t need to be a finance guru to understand the finer details. It highlighted the importance of Super for not only those looking to set up their retirement fund but for everyone to start thinking about putting money into it now. I am in the 25-30 age category, and being pregnant now realize how important it is to set myself and my family up for the future.

 On the night, we were all invited to sign up for a free health check, and I took this opportunity. Tracy followed up almost immediately to discuss my personal situation. The service was brilliant, she helped me consolidate my super funds, providing plenty of information and could answer all of my questions. She even helped me with the phone calls to each of my super funds to find out how much I had in them and advised me on which one was most suitable and ideal for my situation."

Lauren - February 5, 2016

“My experience with Tracy and the Super Equity has been exceptional – she is professional, considerate and a pleasure to do business with. One of the most impressive things about Tracy and her service is the open lines of communication, being contacted on a regular basis by one-on-one conversation. You’re treated like a real person and you can talk openly and freely about your own personal needs for now and the future.

I originally met Tracy at a convention where she was presenting an information session on Superannuation, her presentation was professional and informative. At the conclusion of the convention, we were invited to sign up for a health check. Because she was completely switched on, and explained everything in easy to understand language I took this opportunity to discuss my personal details further and haven’t looked back.

Her service has been second to none and one of the most impressive parts has been the communication – no matter what’s happening when we are trading she keeps me well informed, explaining the reasons for the ups and downs.

I’ve learnt more from her in two years than I learnt from my old company that I was with for thirty years. I honestly couldn’t say anything negative at all. I highly recommend Tracy to anyone – I will definitely be continuing to work with her into the future.”

Paul - February 5, 2016