We advise and educate people on the steps taken now to help grow their Superannuation Wealth, so that in the future they can have a relaxing and enjoyable retirement.

Meet the Team

Tracy Askew

Super Equity was founded by Tracy Askew who has 20 years experience in the Stockbroking Industry, predominantly advising clients on their investment portfolio inside Super.

The business was born on the lack of attention people show towards their Super, even though it is going to fund their twilight years, and the generic investment options available by industry funds that do not consider your personal situation.

Adrian Rowney, our Senior Investment Adviser, and author of our Good Morning Report, which dives into market commentary, news and strategy, provides extensive knowledge in regard to equity strategies that are tailored to meet your long-term objectives and lifestyle goals.

Tracy and Adrian are both extremely passionate about financial markets and have shared their experiences and expertise by teaching their Introduction to the Stock Market course through TAFE QLD for 18 years and counting.

Adrian Rowney

Why use Super Equity?

An important differentiator for us is the platform that we use that allows greater control and transparency over your investments within Super.

By understanding how your Super is invested, having the ability to buy and sell shares or funds of your choice and a direct line to your adviser to run ideas or questions through, sparks interest and will ultimately contribute to a growing Super balance

What we believe

  • Everyone should have the opportunity to have a comfortable retirement
  • Small changes now to your investments can make a significant difference to how much money you will have when you retire
  • Educating clients is extremely important to us, as knowledge is powerful when building your wealth
  • A personal approach is paramount, that is why each client is given a direct phone line to their adviser

We are here not only to advise you on how to grow your Super
wealth faster, but to educate you along the way.

Taking control of your super starts here.

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