The Good Morning Report – 19th of June

June 19, 2024

NVIDIA became the world’s largest company overnight as investors rotated money out of the other tech majors into it….I wonder when the market realizes that unlisted start ups, backed by Nvidia, are loading up on AI chips that are gathering dust

The Good Morning Report – 18th of June

June 18, 2024

Is Nvidia going to be the most epic pump ‘n dump scheme of all time? Just watch this 28 minute clip – it’s all explained so simply…..Nvidia could be the BLACK SWAN.

The Good Morning Report – 6th of June

June 6, 2024

It’s Nvidia fever as the AI chip maker joins Apple and Microsoft with a market cap above $US3 trillion.

The Good Morning Report – 24th of May

May 24, 2024

In offshore markets, NVIDIA shares took off while pretty much everything else SOLD off….We will end up giving back all the great paper gains from Monday which is a bit of a bummer.