All signs are looking good

All signs are looking good

Digital Billboard

I don’t know about you but I can’t remember the last time I watched an ad on TV. My time is precious and the last thing I want to do is waste it on watching ads. I am fortunate enough that I can just fast forward through them. I record my shows in advance or watch complete seasons without getting interrupted with the latest crappy Mc Donald’s commercial.

The writing has been on the wall for some time with TEN (TEN.ASX), Nine (NEC.ASX) or Seven (SWM.ASX) all struggling to charge advertisers more money or attracting new companies each year because of people like me who are fed up with watching ads and have worked out that we don’t have to. So it is no surprise that these three free to air TV stocks are trading at record lows. These are structurally challenged companies.

So where are advertisers going to spend their precious marketing dollars to get the greatest exposure? I think there are two places that are growing rapidly. The internet through google/facebook etc and now digital outdoor signs.

Let’s face it; traffic is only going to get worse in cities around the country. And what are you going to do whilst stuck at that busy intersection? Look up at the flashing digital billboard whilst listening to the radio.  Advertisers are loving this and now have dynamic real time advertising that can offer the latest deal or update on the spot. It is genius…

You will also find these digital billboards while waiting for your plane, train or bus. Even while you wait for you lift at the office. That is why these two companies; APN Outdoor Group (APO) and Ooh! Media (OML) are looking to merge and become the dominate player in the sector which will result in them having 60% market share in the outdoor advertising space.

Below are the latest numbers out from APN Outdoor and Ooh Media. There is a massive opportunity for these two companies converting static signs (printed billboards) to digital signs giving them the ability to charge more for the space. Instead of having one company per sign, they now update every few seconds and can now sell the same billboard to 5 or six advertisers. Talk about sweating your assets!

All signs are looking goodOoh! Media

The signs are very good for these two stocks and the merger is set to be complete by May so investors will end up with one more powerful company if all goes according to plan.

Buy APN Outdoor in your Super Fund and next time you are stuck in traffic and you look up and see one of their billboards you will be smiling!

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