What to do next

There are plenty of reasons why the Market is selling off

  • Oil price crash – enough to rattle anyone seeing that
  • Virgin Australia in administration
  • Super Funds raising cash levels to pay for early redemption’s
  • Lock down continues – countless companies making no money, but still have overheads
  • Our market has had a recent strong run, some profit takers would have moved in.

So what to do next? It is always hard to predict the short term but I can say in this type of market traders will lose plenty. It is still for Investors only in my view. So hang tight, the sell offs are buying opportunities as we will come out the other side.

Make sure you allocate a certain percentage of your wealth to Silver. In this deflationary environment, central bankers are going to be running these money printing presses like never before – so they are devaluing fiat currencies by the day. Silver cannot be diluted and is a store of wealth. BUY ETPMAG last sale $22.80

It is also time to make strategic switches, however, selling a big loser may be hard for most investors.  It shouldn’t be if you are buying a company with better prospects and the stock you are switching to is probably down over 50% as well….

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