‘Do you want fries with that?’

Your Superannuation shouldn’t be a ‘Do you want fries with that’ add-on.

Your superannuation is the money you will need to survive when you retire. However in our busy world, many people simply let their super sit “somewhere”, often in multiple funds where they could be eaten into, in fees and unnecessary double-ups on insurance.

Let’s be real, do you actually know the dollar amount – the number – you will need to retire with? To live comfortably with? Do you want to be able to eat out occasionally, to buy coffees and go on holidays sometimes?

So let’s really talk super. You’ve probably noticed a shift. When you turn on the TV you see ads. When you walk into your bank they might throw their super product at you like a “do you want fries with that?” add-on, when all you really wanted to do was pay your credit card bill. Right? And what are they really offering you? Do you know exactly where they plan to invest your hard-earned money?

Do you know how much it should return to you and how much it should grow to hit that number you need in retirement? It’s quite possible you need to add in your own contributions regularly … now! But who is helping you with that?

So … many … questions.

If you were in the dark about all of this – that’s okay! That’s most of us today, and that’s where Super Equity comes in! We are above and beyond all the “quick-sells” and the “quick roll-overs” that are everywhere today … we want to really educate you on this super stuff and guide you the whole way.

We don’t want to simply roll all your super into one account (that’s the first part though). We want to get to know you. To know your personality and goals. For example, are you more of a high-risk investor, or, are you a conservative investor? We can help you find this out if you are not sure. After all, we want to help you find that number you’ll need to retire with comfortably.

At Super Equity, we’ll get to know your investment experience and your knowledge (don’t worry if you don’t have any, that’s what we’re here for). We’ll find out what’s happening with your money, now. Where is your current fund actually investing your money? We’ll look to do better, and tailor your investments to you, so that you are really ready for retirement when it comes around.

Your experienced Super Equity adviser will guide you the whole way – you’ll know where your money is, and why it’s there – and we will teach you tips, how to be savvy, so that your investment skills grow with your super!

It’s time to really connect with your Super. To take control of it.

Get in touch today –  there are no upfront fees and the advice you receive may just change the entire course of your future.

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